Art. 2 aim

The association promotes renewable sources of energy, particularly solar power, to a wider public. To reach this goal, the association has built and operates the photovoltaic plant SolarSail in Muensingen, which converts renewable, non-polluting and free solar power into electricity. As a work of art, the SolarSail captivates by its aesthetically pleasing design, which is aimed to appeal to a wide number of different people.

Further aims of the association are:

  • To support the community of Muensingen, which has been officially nominated “Energiestadt” (energy-city), in being innovative in its energy policy.
  • To display to the public that the psychiatric hospital Muensingen is a progressive cantonal enterprise that is aware of its ecological responsibility.
  • To help to activate the breakthrough of photovoltaic as a future technology, by organising events and contacts to the media.
  • To serve as a model for other ecologically motivated efforts that accelerate implementation of the local agenda 21: Especially by promoting contact between different political bodies.

The association is confessional and politically independent.

Statuten Verein Sonnensegel (german):