Day of the Sun

In the course of the project “Day of the Sun“(, the Solar Sail association promoted Solar Energy.



Solar Days, 4th-13th May, 2012

Every year in May, a whole week is dedicated to the sun. Excellent information and fascinating attractions are offered on the topics of solar heat, solar power, solar building and other renewable forms of energy.

As a result of a Swissolar initiative, the Solar Days are now organised by many institutions. In 2011, 200 events with thousands of visitors were held over the whole of Switzerland. Among the organisers were various dedicated institutions and persons - Energy Cities, companies, private persons, schools and energy suppliers.

The next Solar Days will be held in Switzerland from 3rd -14th May, 2012.

European Solar Days

Solar energy forges connections. For the fourth time, the "European Solar Days" will take place between the 1st and 13th of May 2012 in many European countries.