prix eta+ 1999, reward for innovation


The 1999 prix eta+ reward for innovation goes to SolarSail Muensingen.  


"Art generates electricity

Solar cells are mostly being seen as being ugly to look at. SolarSail Muensingen proves that this is not always correct, with a unique work of art on the area of the local psychiatric hospital. Like a large canvas blown by the wind, the 22 metre high sculpture glows in the sun. This construction is not only beautiful to look at, but also has meaning for energy, since the curvature improves its efficiency. With an estimated life span of at least 20 years, the sculpture will generate approximately 100000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which then can be bought by environmentally conscious people.

The SolarSail project was primarily financed by the municipality of Muensingen and the psychiatric hospital. For the initiators however, it’s not only the production of electricity that matters, but also to create a monument in the true sense of the word with this sculpture of photovoltaic cells that aims to give joy to as many people as possible and to show that future technologies can be optically well integrated - even into works of art.

The special prize of the jury goes to the association SolarSail Muensingen, Roland Kormann president of the association."